Monday, July 30, 2012

Nothing without Him

Čao Čao!!

I think we left off Friday night, from the last post, so we will start with Saturday morning. We started our day with prayer as a group. This is a great way to work together as a team and stay on the same page spiritually. Then we headed to dubovo where we invited the entire village to the evangelical service that night. We split into 4 groups and conquered about 200 people. This was tiring and difficult since we couldn't talk to the people easily because the translation is awkward in a situation like this. It wa easier for them to just invite them then for us to say it in English just for them to translate back to Serbian. But we know that God uses everything for his glory so we can revel in that. Our weakness shows His strength, and that means He gets a lot of glory because we are nothing without Him.

We then rested a little bit and then came back to the place where we had the service. It was a parking lot on the edge of town and it was perfect! We sang with the choir from Marijans church and then heard a testimony from Boris who lives is north Serbia in novi sad. Then William preached to about 65 people the good news of Jesus. Several of these were really paying attention and sasa will follow up on these people and now they all know about sasa and his church. Great news!!

Sunday we began with morning worship at Marijan's church in prokuplje! Great time of worship together and then a sermon preached by William about giving God what we have no matter what we have and how he can then use us! Great times! We had lunch together then split up. Half went to dubovo the others to zitni Potok. In dubovo we had children's church first then a time of bible study led by Ed teaching about Christ calling the first disciples. Follow me, he said and they did, and so should we. Sasa is a humble servant of Christ, and needs prayer. He has nothing but still chooses to give his all to Christ!

Monday we headed to zitni Potok to invite people to an evangelism service that we would hold there this evening! We divided and conquered! We took the afternoon to rest and enjoy each other at a lake near the city. Some swam, some just talked, and then we all ate a picnic together. Great time of fellowship with brothers an sisters in Christ. We then held our service in an old theatre in the city. Over 100 people showed up and listened to a clear presentation of the gospel. They also know about a group that meets weekly and can get plugged in there If they decide to follow Christ!

Tomorrow we will hold a service geared toward addiction and the solution for the problem: JESUS!!
So please pray!!

Talk soon!!

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